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Sea Animals Articles

Sea-level Rise Threat To Coast

SYDNEY'S iconic beaches, coastal houses, commercial property and roads will be threatened by rising sea levels by 2050, while the city's temperature is expected to rise by at least 2 degrees, a new scientific study, launched by the Premier, Nathan Rees, reveals.

Eagle Eye On Eyrie Home Life

SOARING effortlessly above the Hunter's beaches, a pair of white-breasted sea eagles are the masters of all they survey.

It's Not You, It's The Sea: Heat Hurts Shellfish Relationships

OYSTERS, lobsters, mussels, sea urchins and abalone could be wiped off the menu by global warming, an Australian scientist warned yesterday.

Crocs, Bah, Horses The Deadliest Animals

AUSTRALIA'S deadliest animals don't lurk on the banks of muddy Northern Territory rivers or slither on hot rocks. Nor do they hunt in the shallows of the sea or crawl on eight legs.

Small Deer Linked To The Giants Of The Sea

IT LOOKED like a miniature deer and probably fled to the water in times of danger. Today its descendants are the mightiest creatures in the ocean.